The one piece of advice that every homeowner should follow before embarking on a roofing job is to employ a local roofer. For various practical reasons, it is preferable to approach a neighbor rather than a stranger.

Here are some of the reasons why going local makes more sense:

You Both Care About Your Community

People shop locally for a reason: they want to support the community in which they live. But, instead of merely buying local food, why not also hire locals? Hiring a local contractor has the advantage of having previously been extensively vetted by the community in which they work. And by patronizing their services, you increase the likelihood that they will have money to spend on yours.

Easily Verifiable Reputation

It can be challenging to gauge a contractor’s credibility before signing a contract. But with a local contractor, you can check their reputation on sites like the Better Business Bureau, including reviews and complaints. You can also search the internet to see if they’ve been reviewed on social media sites like Yelp. Local contractors are more easily accessible in terms of the quality of their workmanship and the timeliness of their services.

Better Communication

Working with a local contractor means you’ll be able to easily reach out to them by phone, text, or email. It also means they can come to your home at a time that’s convenient for you. In comparison, a contractor hired over the internet may not respond to you until 2 or 3 days later.

Reduced Costs

There are several added costs to working with a contractor across the country, including lost wages and travel expenses while they’re not at work. Many online contractors also charge more for their services, which you might not realize until after you’ve already signed the contract.

When you hire a local contractor, you save on time and money and have a more personal relationship with the people you hire.

Familiarity With the Local Climate

Local contractors are familiar with the climate in which they work, and they know how to best work within its bounds. Your roofer needs to know how to work with the local climate and local building codes and regulations. An unfamiliar roofer could install your roof the wrong way and then leave, leaving you to pay for their mistakes.

Local work ethic

Finally, you can trust your local contractor to handle your project with a sense of urgency and obligation. They will be more likely to care about your business and the speed at which your project is handled because, in the end, they need your referrals as much as you need their services.


When it comes to home improvement projects, choosing the right local contractor is of the utmost importance. You have to trust that the person you hire will make your home better and stronger. Make sure to do your homework and check if there are any complaints against the local contractor before you hire them. You can check online reviews to see how they work on different projects. Local contractors are not only cheaper, but they also want to build a long-term relationship with you.

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