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If you’re experiencing leaks or other issues on your roof, it’s time to get professional roof repair services by a trusted local roofing company. Rankin Roofing & Solar provides the best roof repair services in the DFW, TX, area for any roofing problems you may be experiencing with your home or business. We will inspect your property and provide you with the best options on how to move forward with either repairing or replacing your roof. If you have leaks or shingle damage that is storm-related, it will most likely be covered by your insurance provider upon sending them a roof insurance claim!

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Why you should repair your Roof Now

The roof is arguably the most important part of your home! It protects the structural integrity of your property as well as the people living within it. That is why you should always contact a trusted local roofing professional when it needs repairs or a replacement due to storm damage or worn out material, like shingles, which can cause your roof to become unsafe.

Prevent Further Damage To Your Home Or Business

Putting off getting your roof repaired can cause serious damage to your property, such as:

Interior Mold And Mildew Issues

Roof damage can cause a lot of issues, from allowing rain and moisture to enter your home – to mold and mildew beginning to form. Mold is difficult to get rid off, plus it has the potential for invading carpets, furniture or even clothing if not taken care of in time.

Compromised Structural Integrity

Not only will the water intrusion affect your building’s structural integrity, but it’ll also lead to expensive repairs. You might need to replace wood framing of the building in order for it to be safe again!

Retain Or Increase The Value Of Your Property

Making sure your roof is in good condition is a major factor of the property value of your home or business, so it’s important to maintain its structure and prevent any potential damages.

A roof that is in good shape protects your property from the elements of nature such as heavy rain, high winds, hail and snow. It also helps with energy efficiency since you’re not having to spend money on repairs for leaks, which saves you time and money!

Lastly, roofs often add the most value to properties because it is such an important part in terms of safety as well as aesthetics. People who are serious about purchasing a particular property will be sure to look closely at the roof to make sure it is safe, in good shape, and won’t be a costly expense in the near future.

Can I File An Insurance Claim For My Damaged Roof?

Your roof can easily be damaged by stormy weather, such as hurricanes and hail storms. Most insurance companies limit the time when you are able to submit a roof claim; this is not a long duration. With limited time frames for filing claims, it’s best to call us for FREE ROOF INSPECTIONS promptly after any storm has passed your area. One of our professionals will come out to your property, inspect your roof and help file an insurance claim if damage is found- with approval from the company. If approved they will repair or replace roofs that were damaged in these storms at no additional cost!

Why Should you Choose Rankin Roofing & Solar For Your Roof Repair Service Needs?

Local Roof Repair Experts

Rankin Roofing & Solar provides the best professional roof repair services in the DFW area. From simple repairs to major storm damage, our expert team can do it all!

Fast & Effective roof Repairs

Our friendly team of roofers are committed to making your experience with us as convenient and positive as possible. We will repair your roof quickly and efficiently while still treating it like our own!

Many Years Of Experience

For years, Rankin Roofing & Solar has been repairing roofs in the DFW area. We have the expertise to identify and remedy your roofing problem quickly and professionally.

We are able to Repair The Following Roofing Issues:

Roof Leaks

Leaks are a common issue for any home. In most cases, leaks happen at the flashing detail and may be caused by improper installation. Other times, it is because of no appropriate barrier to moisture.


Improperly attached flashing can lead to open seams and laps. Exposed seams are vulnerable to wind and moisture infiltration, which can loosen shingles on a roof or allow heavy winds to blow them off.

Curled shingles

If a roof isn’t properly ventilated, the moisture from rising air can become trapped inside and create mold on the shingles. Minor curling may be flattened out by a but severe curling requires replacing.


A flat roof with no slope, also known as a “dead-level” roof, can accumulate pools of water after heavy rain. To prevent leaks and other damage, it is important to remove these ponds first and then locate the source.

Poor workmanship

Roof repair is a common occurrence, often times stemming from shoddy installation work. A typical case is when the roofing company fails to clean, dry and prime the area before performing an installation.

Improper repairs

If the previous roofing contractor didn’t take the time to do the job right, they may have actually made things worse. That’s why it’s so important to choose a reputable local roofing company to do the job.

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